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As aircraft age we are seeing more and more aging aircraft issues. We have worked directly with FAA Approved DER's (Designated Engineering Representatives) to develop solutions to common Cessna tail dragger Landing gear maladies.
Call for more information, we are happy to talk with you about your aircraft.

Cessna offers information in their you tube video that briefly describe some of the area's that have been manifesting aging aircraft issues and offers additional links.

Can't bring your aircraft or gear box to Fairbanks, AK? Call us to discuss how we can help your local shop repair your gear box.
Left gear box floor removed for engineered repair.
Typical fretting of IB casting from loose rivets on the upper landing gear structure, bottom view.
Typical working rivet damage IB casting, upper landing gear structure, top view.
Typical OB landing gear casting crack.
Typical worn outer gear fitting.
Typical worn OB gear fitting.
Typical working rivets on the floor.
Top view of right gear box structure showing fretting and gouging at fitting and cracks on flanges.
A properly repaired gear box
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