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AIRFRAME INNOVATIONS INC. is proud to announce the availability of the FAA/PMA direct replacement cowling fasteners for the Piper Navajo and Piper Cheyenne series aircraft.

Navajo-Firewall-Fastening-System-shots (1)

Simple to use, easy to install cowl fasteners are EASA and FAA/PMA direct replacements for the expensive OEM fasteners installed on the Piper Navajo and Piper Cheyenne aircraft.

Initial installation cost less than half of what operators normally spend replacing OEM fasteners. Normal wear components are easily replaced with standard MS and AN hardware at a fraction of the cost!

Do not be fooled by Imitations or Unapproved parts.
Sub-Assembly parts and replacements are, readily available only from Airframe Innovations Inc. and our European distributor Insight Aviation Group Ltd.

Patented, FAA and EASA approved DIRECT REPLACEMENT fasteners.
Installation takes the same time as the OEM fasteners. No aircraft alterations are required.
The SPECIAL HEAT TREATED BUSHING that comprises the heart of the fastening system has been engineered and designed to insure correct size, compatibility, strength and yield to conform to OEM requirements.
Unlike OEM fasteners that fall out in flight these hold the cowling where it belongs. Greatly minimizing cowling wear and reducing cowling maintenance.

Complete two engine Chieftain Kits
Include ALL 38 fasteners AND receptacles for the firewall and nose bowl.
4 additional short and 2 additional long bushings are included with each Kit ordered just in case you drop or lose some during installation. 2 extra length -03 and -04 fasteners are also included in case you have legacy repairs and doublers.

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