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210 and 177 Nose Gear Doors

Currently it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to create / repair a set of 210 or 177 nose gear doors.

The finished product arrives fabricated and primed to provide the maximum allowable leeway for the installer 

to trim, fit and rig the doors, before painting to match your aircraft.

Insured shipping is approximately $250.

Before we can start repairing your doors, we need them sent to us with a $1000 deposit. Deposit is 

fully refundable if you change your mind before we start. It is highly recommended that you call us first to discuss the process before you ship your old doors to us. 

210 and 337 Nose Gear Door Clips

A fraction of OEM pricing!!!!

Only $100 each or order the four required for your aircraft for only $325

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