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FAA Approved Pa32 Extended Baggage kit. 

Adds 3 feet of additional cargo space to existing aft cargo compartment.

Total certificated weight of aft compartment and extension remains the same, 100#.


Kit installs over the top of electric trim servo and leaves flight control cables undisturbed.

Net weight change is typically less than 5#


Installation time varies depending on number of items, such as ELT or Avionics currently occupying this space, familiarity with kit install and sheet metal experience.


Requires removal of aft blower fan assembly and mounting bracket.

Not compatible with Air Conditioning



Q: What is included in the kit?

To keep productions and shipping costs low for you the customer we provide our FAA approved baggage extension kits with the complex structural portions, AND the coveted FAA approval 8110-3 required to install. It is more cost effective for the customer to have your sheet metal talent procure the metal locally and make the simple bends on sight than it is to ship raw materials to Alaska and then large finished pieces south again.


Q: What tools or skills will my mechanic need to install this kit.

Your sheet metal tech will need access to a 4' brake to make simple straight bends described in the instructions and drawings provided. A 3' shear can be used but a 4' shear speeds it up a bunch. They will also need basic sheet metal skills- measure twice cut once, shoot rivets, install nutplates, epoxy prime and paint to match.


Q: How much sheet metal will my tech use installing this?

Plan on using a sheet of .025 and a sheet of .032. There will be metal left over but better than coming up short.


Q: What if I have avionics in that area.

They will need to be relocated. This will take additional time.


Q: Can I keep my aft blower fan?

This is designed to remove the aft blower fan and rear environmental duct.


Q: Can I keep my aft fresh air duct?

We have had a couple requests to re-design the kit with an option to keep the aft air duct. Check back in 2022 for that option. As it comes available the tech specs will be provided free to those that already have our original kits


Q:How long does it take to install?

If your Aft blower fan and support structure has already been removed and No

other items require relocating Experienced tech's are able to fabricate the simple pieces and perform the installation in approx. three days. First time installs always take longer. Each aircraft is handmade so fitting pieces can be time consuming.

Painting, carpeting, sound deadening or additional accessorizing such as additional tie downs and barrier nets will add additional time.


Q: I have air conditioning, can I install this kit?

Currently this mod is not compatible for aircraft with air conditioning systems.

We are interested in providing this as an option but need someone with an air conditioned equipped aircraft to work with.


Q: I have an oxygen system installed in my aircraft, can I install this kit?

We have not installed this kit on an aircraft equipped with an installed oxygen system. We welcome the challenge.



Q: How much is shipping?

Insured USPS shipping to most of America is typically around $150. We can also ship on your fedex or UPS account if you so desire. Please email your shipping address for a shipping quote


Q: DO you ship internationally?

Yes, and it costs more. CALL FIRST. We want to ensure that the Bi-latteral agreements between countries will provide you with approved data for the installation.


Q: Is this kit STC'd

This an FAA Approved installation by a DER (Designated Engineering Representative of the Administrator). This is not an STC product. STC products are extremely costly and very time consuming to certify. Given the limited number of anticiated airframes this will be installed in, there is no timely nor economic reason to undertake the extremely costly STC process for this mod. Your aircraft will have FAA approved data for a completely street legal installation on your aircraft.


Q: My I.A. Has not done a DER approval before. What does he/she need to know?


Unlike STC's that cover Makes and Models

DER approvals are FAA APPROVED data for your specific serial number aircraft.

Your IA. references the FAA APPROVED data on block 8 of the FAA form 337 the same as they do for an STC.

Example: "Installed PA32 Baggage extension IAW DER Engineering Order Number xxxxx."


Q: Does my I.A. need to send the E.O. (Engineering Order) to OK City with the 337?

No. The I.A. does not need to send the Engineering Order to OK City with the 337.

The data has already been approved by the DER (Designated Engineering Representaive of the Administrator). FAA form 8110-3 APPROVES the data for your installation.

Your I.A will receive FAA APPROVED DATA: FAA form 8110-3 – STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE WITH AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS for your specific airframe serial number and total time.




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