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                                        BETTER THAN NEW, CALL FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY


The alternate air boxes are no longer available from the manufacturer. Fortunately we have been rebuilding them better than new for more than 25 years.



The Piper air valve assembly part number 38080-000 found on the

PA32-300 Cherokee (s/n 7640001 and newer)

PA32R-300 Lance

PA32-301 Fixed gear Saratoga

PA32R-301 Retractable gear Saratoga’s

If you have one chances are that it either has been repaired poorly and should be repaired properly, or will be needing repair soon.

We have been working with these air valve assemblies since shortly after they came out. The air valve bushings wear out and the continued vibration causes the fasteners holding the bushing reinforcements to loosen, wear out the base material and fail.

We've solved this repair problem by using proven metal forming practices, thicker metal of the same type in accordance with allowances of AC43.13 and the Piper service manual. You get a clean sturdy repair. All damaged material is replaced with new material, new bushings, new bushing reinforcement plates and nut-plates are installed.

No more steel stem rivets, or nuts and bolts potentially getting sucked into the engine.


Thereby tripling the useful life of the Air Valve Assembly

PA32R alternate air box p/n 38080-000

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