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PDQ Emergency Egress System


PDQ Emergency Egress System

STC APPROVED, absolutely NO modifications to the door.


The Cessna 206, has a long standing design flaw that does not allow rapid egress for the occupants in the rear of the aircraft. When the Cessna 206 flaps are deployed in the landing configuration, the rear passenger door is obstructed virtually trapping the rear occupants inside the aircraft. When the aircraft is equipped with floats this design flaw is exaggerated to a known hazard in a water upset this problem is dire. The current emergency egress procedure Cessna has designed and certified has already been identified as contributing factor in passenger death by drowning due to the inability to egress the aircraft timely.


Airframe Innovations Inc. has engineered and designed a simple effective PDQ Emergency Egress System so easy a child can use it. Built with Fail-safes to withstand in-flight uncertainties and Airport security protocols the PDQ Emergency Egress System is a LIFE SAVER!


Installs in about 1 hour!

PDQ Emergency Egress System

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